Jobplus2 project is designed to promote social integration and well-being of our target group by tackling and removing any barrier to work. All the participants will undergo online training or strict offline support and development for a minimum of 60GLH of both regulated and non- regulated training with employability support embedded all through their learning activities. The training will be be-spoke to individual learner needs. The regulated support activities will involve a structured 45GLH accredited training in entry level ICT or ESOL or combination of both depending on the employability needs of the participants. Our accredited ESOL has 3 components namely reading, writing and speaking and listening from pre-entry level up to entry level 3. The Entry level ICT will be from entry level 1 up to entry level 3. The non-regulated part of our support and intervention will be 15GLH of job brokerage (job search, interview technique and role play), confidence building, life coaching, volunteering or work placement Our project will involve working with local employers and businesses in order to ensure our participants get access to any upcoming job opportunities and they are trained and prepared for them. Pixel would like to offer one of the following courses - ICT Online- Addressing poor digital skills - ESOL components such as Reading, Writing or Speaking and Listening

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