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Functional Skills Entry level 2 qualification:

Making calls, sending texts and taking photos using mobile devices

Identifying the parts of a computer, how to switch it on and work at ease

Using internet and keep your personal details safe online

Learn what common gadgets do and how to connect them to a computer

Opt the best technology for different tasks

Use an internet web browser to search the internet for specific information

Use email to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues

Create documents with a word processing

Functional Skills Entry level 3 qualification:

Use internet, email and social networking sites to systematize your social life

Use the internet to plan & organize journeys and buy travel tickets

Use E-Mail to keep in touch and understand its advantages & Limitation

Use different IT applications to chat online

Use online social media for communication

Create a comfortable work area and stay safe online

Upload photos from a camera and build a computer music library

Online secure banking and shopping

Benefits of using comparison websites to plan a holiday

Write letters and formal documents

Create posters, flyers and informal documents with a word processor

Create basic budget spreadsheet file using Excel Application

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